Intruder Alarms

We design our intruder alarms to fit in with your lifestyle, business and budget. The choice and sophistication of electronic security equipment is developing all the time. Electronic security has a two fold role, not only in deterring criminal activity but also alerting others to the fact that there may be a problem.

We’ll make sure that yours is simple to use and you can choose additional features such as alerting you of an intruder by phoning or SMS messaging even if you don’t have a phone line onsite. The alarm system can be programmed for many situations, for example, night-time upstairs off while downstairs is secure, giving you peace of mind while you’re in bed.

Digital CCTV

CCTV can be in a variety of different ways according to our needs. It can be used in the home to see who is at your front door and for your business can be a cost-effective way to protect your property and deter crime. CCTV can also provide visual evidence if there has been an intruder on your property. Our systems use digital video recorders which can record instantly once movement has been detected – so nothing is missed. There are usually kept secure and hidden from view.

There is a wide variety of cameras to chose from, small discrete cameras ideal for front and back doors, larger cameras with infrared to enable viewing in total darkness and pan tilt, zoom cameras where the user can move the camera around and zoom in and out on objects. All of these can be connected to your television and even the internet, meaning you can view your property from anywhere in the world at anytime especially when your alarm alerts you of an intruder.

Access Control

We can provide Access Control for both home and business, we can design a system to help you control who has acess to sensitive areas using swipe cards, key fobs, keypads or fingerprint recognition.

Our installations can be intergrated with a time and attendance system which will allow you to report on user activity or set different levels of access for each user.

Perimeter Protection

A professional perimeter protection system can give you an early warning of an intruder on your premises by sending an invisible beam around your selected areas, further detection is then possible within the beam giving you notice as to where the intruder is going.

This can also be linked to lighting, alarm and CCTV systems to bring on lights, sound the alarm and activate the cameras

Gate Automation

Consider the security of your home when all the family are out – access to your property is restricted by automated gates, controlled and locked by you and your family.

There are many different options to choose from we may even be able to automate your existing gates.